Friday, January 16, 2009

Guardian Angels go everywhere

It feels like forever since I have written I was proud when I signed on toe see I did post pictures less then a month ago! Things have been crazy, we are moving and will be fully moved a week from today. Thank goodness. I am so ready for it to be over!

So much has happened over the last two days I couldn't resist, I had to write about it. If you read my story before about my Papa being Emily's guardian angel then you will know where this post is coming from. Long story short, I have always believed that My Papa was around me and since Emily has come into this world I have felt that he was with her. She has in some ways confirmed that.

Wednesday this week we were cleaning out of room and I took the picture down that has been in the same spot in her room since before she was born. As I took it down I asked her who it was and she said Papa, mommy's Papa. I asked her if she had ever seen him and she said yes, in my bed. His picture has always been over her bed and at times I have seen the shadow on the monitor move across her bed. I asked her if he said anything and she said yes, he said he loved Emily. I started to cry and of course Emily held me! I know kids have an imagination and sometimes just say whatever they want to but deep down I believed her and felt so warm inside as I watched her say again that is Mommy's papa.

Then there was yesterday. We were on the way to see Elmo Live, which Emily has been so excited about. This was our first time ever doing anything like that. You know how kids just talk about whatever in the car and sometimes they aren't really talking to you. I think she just likes to hear herself talk. Anyway, I heard, " go see Elmo, mommy, emmy, mommy papa." Of course I about ran off the road. I asked her what she just said and she said the same thing again. I asked her where Mommy's papa was and she said right here by my seat! What do you say to that? Speechless! I just grinned. I guess he went with us and I didn't even have to pay for Papa a ticket! I am so glad he is still here with us, it amazes me in so many ways. We are so lucky!

Here are a few pictures from Elmo