Thursday, April 30, 2009

What some may never see

Yesterday we were in the front yard and heard a fawn crying out. It was over 50 yards away...they are loud. We went and found it and took some pictures. We were careful not to touch it. I know you are wondering where the mother was, right?

It is normal for mother deer to leave their fawn alone for long periods of time to avoid attracting predators by the mother's scent (the young are odorless, therefore safer without mom around). The mom will usually leave them until all the after birth is gone and then she will go back and bring the baby home.

This baby was less then 24 hours old. He could hardly stand up. You can see his feet were still turned under. He was crying out, which most of them don't do. However he was hungry. He hasn't cried out since. However it was getting close to dark last night and he wanted some food. I am sure his mom wasn't far away but she wouldn't dare to come out until after dark.

Earlier in the morning I saw another doe go and pick up her young. The baby had been in this one spot since at least Saturday. Yesterday morning I saw a deer in the field walking to where this other baby was. It isn't normal so I watched her and saw her baby run to her, feed, and follow her off in the woods. It was time for the baby to be with its mom.

God is amazing.

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